ZeldaRL 0.8 released, after 15+ years!

15 years ago, I participated in the 7DRL challenge creating a roguelike version of The Legend of Zelda.

It worked, but there was something bugging me year after year: from what I saw, permadeath just didn’t work very well with this game since it really prevented the player from fully exploring the generated overworld; diminishing its value because it was just too damn hard to finish it in a single run.

This version brings is the complete removal of permadeath, along with the following changes:

  • Run by default using the Swing console mode.
  • Resize font when window size changes in Swing Console mode. 
  • Add support for win 64bit libjcurses.
  • Change appearance for shallow water 

You can find it at https://slash.itch.io/zeldarl. Here’s also a video of me playing and doing some work on it!

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