Some minor maintenance on my projects’ website, powered by ReactJS, ended up with pretty big changes, the most visible one is the revamp on the “collaborators” section, which now shows what games I worked with that person.

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 2.22.21 PM

Additionally, I added an “activity” classification per project, which can be either active, paused, stalled, stopped or finished, to reflect on what is the perspective for future work on it.

I also relocated the filters into the header and updated the texts a bit.

New website, now powered by ReactJS

The website for my project collection ( is now powered by ReactJS. I had to learn how to use it so I figured it was a good idea to update it.

The previous implementation was powered by mustachejs, which was used with nodejs to generate a static html file. I still like that approach, however it didn’t allow by itself for interaction with the data.

Although appearance is very similar, this new version:

  • Allows filtering by project status (and may allow other filters in the future). This also means the groupings by project status are gone now (they made navigation a bit confusing too). This was done using React’s state handling.
  • Has projects sorted descending by project year
  • Adds tags for all the projects with a color code

With this, I’m now officially a Level 1 ReactJS developer. If you are curious or would like to do something similar, you can check out the project repo here.