Guardian Angel/ RogueDev Engine have been approved!

Yesterday I got the approbation from the Technical Research Comitee of my university; my project has been approved for the “UdeM 3rd Creativity Fair 2004”. I had to write a proposal doc of about 25 pages, in which I explain all the fundamentals of roguedev engine, guardian angel and the layered roguelike development model; I wrote it in Spanish, but if anybody cares I may translate it.

Now, I gotta work a lot on Guardian Angel; the fair is in 2.5 weeks, and I must write a lot of design documentation in addition to working in the game. I’m planning to include a simple Isometric Sprite UI, just to show the abstract UI capabilities of the engine. If anybody out there cares to help me he is welcome!

Now for the advancements, I’m right now coding some basic actions, including Advance and Get; they define a lot of things in the game, so they take a lot of time. Once they are done I will go for Equip. And then I will work in a random map generator that generates a town and a cave to explore. Then, I will go with Attack, and a pseudo-game with a kill-the-baddie plot will be available.

May be this is where I will get in these two weeks, but I hope to make some more interesting things…. so I will shut up and begin working ;D

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