Thinking of the internal locations of the World.

So… while thinking in the basic AI modules for townspeople and monsters, I stumbled uppon the need of defining the structure of the locations.

Off course, the locations would be the in-detail parts of the overworld, like the towns, the dungeons, the caves, the fortresses etc…

I had tought on two alternatives:

  • Making GWorld a container of “BigMapCell”s, which would describe the overworld, and a collection of Locations, conformed of “MapCells”.
  • Restricting the World to a cube of MapCells, as was initially tought

The second option, while may seem bad, is very good in allowing the Action performance model to work. There’s only one space in which all actor interact. However, it is cumbersome to travel long distances here, and makes multistore buildings resource hungry to implement.

The first one, is very good for the physical model, but makes things hard for the Actor Interaction, I was thinking in a good way to tackle this; the overworld would not have Actors, MapCells or Items; but Units and BigMapCells. So, the player would command the Units while in overworld, going a bit Turn Based Strategy.

Everything is ok up to now… but the problem here is that the units are composed of Actors too…. and the actors must also exist into smaller scale locations. So the units and actors must be synchronized… this makes things very difficult indeed….

So… how to handle this… I am still machinating… perhaps a mix of both things, handling the actors independently and the units as an abstract Actor that knows about all of the members of it, and may influence the behaviour of their members….

Any toughts.???

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