A new year has begun

And so, 2005 is gone.

It was a mildly sucessful year as for game development goes. CastlevaniaRL was released, first as a poorly made 7DRL and later on slowly improved until the relatively stable 1.1d version. It has good a decent ammount of attention, altough it seems the Java requirements have somewhat prevented people from using it. Also, a website was built for it, and altough the community and the download count has remained small, I hope it will be used more in the future.

Guardian Angel saw a full of hopes third rewrite which crashed again for the lack of time and energies. However, most of the ideas on paper where condensed into a design doc, which gave me a new refreshed vision of the project. It all opened the oportunities for a release in the first half of 2006.

Some projects were started, but couldn’t really lift off. That is the case of GREEKIE, which got some attention but seemingly not enough, neither by me or the ‘DevTeam’. OfficeRL was a good idea but neither Miless nor me got the time to work on it.

The roguebasin was another sucess for this year, and it has served its purpose from the initial idea, with the help of DarkGod and Pav, which have kept it running to the date.

As for the resume of my personal life, it can be found at http://www.livejournal.com/~santiagoz

So here go the plans for this year, as for game development:

CastlevaniaRL (http://peltkore.net/~szdev/crl)
It all started as the simple idea of seeing the ‘@’ using a whip and throwing a holy cross…. and now I am really proud on how it is evolving. 2006 will see the release of version 1.1e, which will be a ‘complete’ version, in terms of allowing the player to challenge the castle and finish the game. It is planned to be released before February. Later on, I plan to release version 1.2, which will include sound effects and music.

Guardian Angel (http://peltkore.net/~szdev/ga/)
Now that there is a design doc and a clear vision, and after CRL1.1e is released, there are chances for releasing an initial version before May 2006. Also, the project is in need of a new website, but I will do it when there is something to show and not before that.

ArcherFire: Revolutions
This is a nonRL project which will be an evolved version of my shooter ‘NeoArcherFire’. It will be a futuristic mission based side scroller with RPG elements, it will feature old school 640x480x256 graphics. I have lots of ideas for it, and I hope I will have the time to develop it.

SmileEngine: (http://peltkore.net/~szdev/smile/)
A simple cRPG engine… the general design idea is ready, but I dont know if an actual implementation will take place soon. It all depends on the time availability of the DevTeam.

GREEKIE: (http://peltkore.net/~szdev/greekie/);
I will not give more attention for this project for the first half of the year. Perhaps later on I will try to push an initial implementation, which is all that is needed to catch the attention of the team.

And that’s it for the goal list, I just hope I can get enough time and willpower to work it out.

All that is needed is a task list, decent feedback and time to spend 😉

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