I have decided to blog all related to the development of my games in a daily basis. Let’s see how far I get with this!

Current work: CvRL 1.26

Yesterday I could work on midday, a bit after work and a bit at home.

I polished some things that needed polish; all of the Vampire Killer soul skills and all 6 basic renegade morphs are working now. Also small details such as fixing the Axe flying arc so it doesn’t fly high so quick, and adding back the returning cross which had been lost on a refactor volley.

I also fixed some things on the GFX UI, including final touches on the Hi-Score screen, replacing the weapon slashes for the definitive ones and one nice detail on the character sprite, which now changes facing depending on your last walked direction.

Again, I kicked off the power-cord and lost some valuable dev time, may be I should fix the power outlet, been three nights in a row 😛

I plan on working on the RFE’s today

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