Sure, working on a roguelike is not easy, nobody said it would be…

But right now I am going through one of these times when I wonder if this all matters… I feel like I am killing myself in the process of making these games, and I feel nobody cares about.

I feel my time would be better spent in something else… I am tired, and I see there’s just so much to be done… and I see how all the work put into the games (which is literally hundreds, if not some thousands of work hours) is hardly noticeable in my products, I also see how one layer of crap over the other gets added into them, and refactoring these would be hellish….

May be I should take a break… I will release the current CvRL version as it is now.. that means its Item system hasnt been revamped, that also means that Invoker, Manbeast and Knight classes are still unpolished. Even so, I cant release until I get to assign coherent values to several things which were assigned temporary values, and I am not willing to do it now.

This is crazy

Sometimes I wish I could just finish this and go ahead.

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