Current Work: CvRL 1.26

Today I was on a short-range work trip all morning, got home for lunch (thus no midday work) and then to the office. I stayed after work trying to figure out the bug in the “Charm” action; in some monsters charm wasn’t having any effect while in others it worked perfectly. The weird thing: All monsters were being correctly tagged, and even so, some of them would not behave correctly.

Did a lot of testing and then got home and continued. The cause of the problem: I only updated the BasicMonsterAI to perform allied behaviour, ignoring there are some monsters which use the WanderToPlayerAI (the most basic ones). That was all.

Souls’ Master (formerly known as Invoker) is ready now, he can invoke soul powers like before and also summon monsters to fight alongside. He can also charm and tame monsters.

Next: ManBeast, then The Quest for Balance

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