MyBuddy: Day 11

Merry X-Mas to y’all!

* Added Brands as an entity
* Updated Create Clothing to use Brands
* Made “List Clothing” by Brand
* Performed a lot of changes over “Create Clothing” to make it work for both creation and edition. (Servlet + JSP affected)
* Designed a female santa clothing set for evil buddies (Yeah, I had to do this)

Next: Admin Anatomies, Admin Bodies, Admin Brands, Trash Buddy, MyBuddy Home Page


Listing all clothing from “Slashie Pixels” Brand

Editing the female santa coat

Dressed and ready for tonight

Aprox. Work Time: 35:30 hours (32:30 + 3:00)
Source Files: 44
LOC: 3542 (Lines of Code)
CLOC: 124 (Comments LOC)
SLOC-L: 1779 (Logical Source LOC)
Database Tables: 10

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