MyBuddy: Day 12

Ok, I got carried away as usual…

First iteration of mybuddy was meant to be simple, all the admin interface would come on 2nd iteration… but I ended up placing all work on that…  at least todays’ work 😀

I realized on time though… the project has a new direction, which will hopefully lead to testing very soon.

Anyhow, onto today’s advancements…
* Admin Anatomies
* Admin Brands

Then I noticed a new admin is needed for ClothingTypes. SO we have Clothing Types and Bodies left to admin… which will NOT be needed for now.

More admins are NOT a need for now.
More admins are NOT a need for now.
More admins are NOT a need for now.

Sorry about that.

The pics:

The Stats:
Aprox. Work Time: 37:00 hours (35:30 + 1:30)
Source Files: 52
LOC: 4101 (Lines of Code)
CLOC: 128 (Comments LOC)
SLOC-L: 2028 (Logical Source LOC)
Database Tables: 10

Coming up next: The MyBuddy Test HomePage, from where you can login and play with your buddies. Ask for a testing account and it will be granted 🙂

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