The Roguemundi: 3 days of work

I had been pushing it for too long, so one week ago I decided I would do it, I had to make the Roguelike World Map a dynamic website in which:

* Mantainance was possible and not manual
* People could add themselves out
* You could get a listing of people
* Different views could be developed

So I jumped on it. After something like 20 hours of work, users feedback and lots of coffee. It is available at

Today, Mr. Konijin joined the dev team, hopefully we will pull out another view for the map, one that seeks to be even more roguelikish (I am talking about outputting HTML for the map instead of an image and locating people there instead of doing floating divs for each). It will probably look cool, and we already started!

The stats as of today
Aprox. Work Time: 20:00
Source Files: 19
LOC: 1877
SLOC-L: 833
Database Tables: 2

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