PixalGuild: Day 42

Ok, I did some testing today and some things emerged. I will get into fixing them next wednesday probably. I already have an excellent QA to test the product next weekend!

Internationalize Weapon shop text
Add spanish key for notEnoughActionPoints
Weapon listing for female not being shown?
Some texts still say pixalattack
Remove guild naming
Restrict duel to friends
Resume duel notifications per hour
Add all weapons, change menu appearances
Add duel count for fighters and guilds (how many sucessful / failed defenses)
Grant prizes on sucessful defense.
Add a downloadable “badge” (HTML code)

Aprox. Work Time: 126:30 (124:30 + 2:00)
Source Files: 101
LOC: 10466
SLOC-L: 4880
Database Tables: 23

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