Pixal: Day 46

Done a lot of changes on the fighting mode; techniques are working now!

Basically, each fighter has a defensive deck set up and hidden from the rest of the world; and on each fight the challenger picks some cards from his deck as well; the fight results are effected by the cards chosen, and you get to guess the defensive deck of your enemy for latter attacks (you must form a decent attack deck to enhance your winning odds)

It will become clear with the images 🙂

Battle Screen
Battle Screen
Fight Results
Fight Results


  • Record Battle Results
  • Show battle results on profile (decouple from notifications)
  • Acquire Techniques on battles
  • Get new techs on level up
  • Handle – no-defensive-deck cases
  • Ensure attack deck is complete
  • Enhance item creation process, make it friendly for users
  • Make item creation process accesible to users
  • Add approval process for items
  • Ensure win/loss counts are correct

Aprox. Work Time: 141:30 (137:30 + 4:00)
Source Files: 111
LOC: 11560
SLOC-L: 5379
Database Tables: 25

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