Pixal: Night 53


  • Changed Item Categories presentation
  • Changed all references to My Buddy
  • Internationalized facet names
  • Add “No items available” and “No items equipped” messages
  • Remove header row on geenric pixal list
  • Internationalize Buy and Set
  • Allow adding messages to your own My Pixal
  • Make password, confirmation and real name mandatory fields and handle special case on edition
  • Mark mandatory fields on user creation
  • Add won and lost challenges on My Pixal
  • Add size validation for name on Pixal creation


We get closer..
We get closer..
Pick your challenger
Pick your challenger


  • Remake the create buddy form
  • The whole app spread model


Aprox. Work Time: 161:00 (159:00 + 2:00)
Source Files: 115
LOC: 12291
SLOC-L: 5691
Database Tables: 26

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