Pixal: Day 56 and 57


  • Remade pixal creation form. Anatomy no longer there, you just pick your race and your sex
  • Also, you choose the appearance of your pixal from here and it stays like that
  • You can no longer change your pixals’ appearance from the setup buddy form (give them some  personality)


Select name, race and sex...
Select name, race and sex...
...then personalize your Pixal appearance*
...then personalize your Pixal appearance*


  • Some javascript magic to preview Pixal appearance
  • Some javascript magic for validation all around the application


Aprox. Work Time: 172:00 (167:00 + 3:00 + 2:00)
Source Files: 119
LOC: 12973
SLOC-L: 5895
Database Tables: 27

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