Pixal: Day 77 (Version 0.0.2a)

Version 0.0.2b. released.

We can now safely play together! (hopefully)

Remember to request access to the test website if you want to test it out!

Changes Log (from http://slashie.net/mantis/changelog_page.php)

Pixal - 0.0.2a

Architectural changes and refactoring.

- 0000088: [Bug Report] (key soldItem not found for current language) (slash) - resolved.
- 0000085: [Bug Report] Redirect to somebody else's profile when clicking Upgrade Pixal without enough money (slash) - resolved.
- 0000084: [Bug Report] ERROR 500: Illegal State Exception, trying to access a recycled request (slash) - resolved.
- 0000102: [Request for Enhancement] Change rank penalty on lost challenge (slash) - resolved.


Aprox. Work Time: 220:00 (207:00 + 2:00 + 2:00 + 1:00 + 4:00 + 2:00 + 2:00)
Source Files: 131
LOC: 14700
SLOC-L: 6753
Database Tables: 31

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