Pixal: Days 82, 83, 84

On the road to 0.0.3. Pixal is now powered by the Quartz scheduling library. Right now I am working on some javascript magic to enhance the item wear preview for issue 100 (not simple)


- 0000119: [Request for Enhancement] Mostrar stats del equipo en todas las pantallas en las que puedes ver tu objetos equipados (tienda, etc) (slash) - resolved.
- 0000123: [Task] Remove "reset tournament position" exploit. Make a Pixal go down to level 1 if he leaves (slash) - resolved.
- 0000132: [Request for Enhancement] Add custom message for invitations (slash) - resolved.
- 0000136: [Request for Enhancement] Add next level indicator (slash) - resolved.
- 0000116: [Task] Add tournament paycheck (slash) - resolved.


Check the Mantis Roadmap


Aprox. Work Time: 226:00 (218:00+3:00+3:00+2:00)
Source Files: 137
LOC: 15411
SLOC-L: 7048
Database Tables: 31

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