Pixal: Day 87, Version 0.0.3


I have released the feature full version 0.0.3, including tournament payment, revised combat model and item prices, shields, boots, gloves, face to face item comparison, computed rolls, enhanced item preview, and more!

Check it out at the test website


- 0000042: [Task] Add Shields from rltiles and make them affect armor rate (slash) - resolved.
- 0000150: [Task] Create schema for item pricing (slash) - resolved.
- 0000041: [Task] Add Gauntlets and Boots from rltiles (slash) - resolved.


Check the Mantis Roadmap


Aprox. Work Time: 242:00 (233:00+3:00+6:00)
Source Files: 138
LOC: 15582
SLOC-L: 7117
Database Tables: 31

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