Pixal: Days 93, 94, version 0.0.4 released!

Here goes a brand new featureful version! Check out the flashie UI Improvements!


Total Equipment Value, Last Login
Total Equipment Value, Last Login
Tournament Payments
Tournament Payments
Rolling battle results
Rolling battle results


- 0000096: [Task] Include user tracking info
- 0000176: [Task] Add pixal clock to profile
- 0000184: [Task] Rearrange friends box so it doesnt screw up with long names
- 0000091: [Task] Roll up the duel results slowly
- 0000183: [Task] Show earned tournament payments on a separate box
- 0000164: [Request for Enhancement] Add a better warning when exiting the tournament
- 0000165: [Request for Enhancement] Show the price of what is being worn without de equiping
- 0000160: [Request for Enhancement] Move the Attack button to the top of that challenge page
- 0000092: [Task] Show detailed pixal info, including current attack and defense
- 0000185: [Bug Report] NPE when dueling non-main pixals


Aprox. Work Time: 265:00 (258:00+2:00+5:00)
Source Files: 145
LOC: 16610
SLOC-L: 7596
Database Tables: 36

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