Pixal: Day 103, Version 0.0.7!


It is 5:06 A.M., worked on this since about 11 PM, and I don’t feel sleepy! 😛

First thing done was to recreate the database while still keeping all of the current users’ data; it was a delicate operation, but had to be done in order for the tables to have a correct structure (When the script was first run, storage engine was not specified, so it went on with the MyIsam engine, which doesn’t support automatic reference integrity checks). This took longer than I thought, but was done at least!

Then, some of abcgi’s suggestions where lighting-included into the roadmap for 0.0.6c and 0.0.7.

All of them done now, a new version released!


Item Stores!
Item Stores!


Pixal - 0.0.7

New features

- 0000343: [Task] Separate news on homepage
- 0000293: [Task] Make it easier for newbies to win the first battles
- 0000324: [Request for Enhancement] Add link to forums
- 0000321: [Request for Enhancement] Enhance battle messages
- 0000299: [Request for Enhancement] Add confirmation for selling items
- 0000229: [Task] Add more level 1 and 2 items (slash)
- 0000337: [Task] Create Beginners Shop
- 0000220: [Request for Enhancement] shopping is cool
- 0000339: [Task] Confirm if wantz to auto-wear item on buying it

- 0000327: [Request for Enhancement] Fix issue with Evade, Sand and Stop Weapon techs
- 0000335: [Request for Enhancement] Type on Aim battle message
- 0000316: [Request for Enhancement] Simplify battle messages
- 0000338: [Bug Report] Deleting a Pixal wont cascade' delete his battle history and leaves invalid references
- 0000283: [Bug Report] Messages posted on your own profile must not be sent via email


Aprox. Work Time: 305:00 (298:00+7:00)
Source Files: 170
LOC: 20271
SLOC-L: 9539
Database Tables: 40

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