Pixal: Days 111 and 112, version 0.0.8

Well, I decided to split 0.0.8 into 0.0.8 and, for quick-release sake!

Now there are awarded medals, client side tech selection, news page, amongst some other UI enhancements!

(Damn you Internet Exploder, I lost about 1 hours trying to figure out a problem caused by the use of the ‘class’ reserved word as a javascript object attribute… grr..)


The first wave of medals
The first wave of medals
Enhanced battle screen
Enhanced battle screen


- 0000419: [Task] Enhance Techs form to work on client side
- 0000418: [Task] Create News Page
- 0000309: [Request for Enhancement] Add payment countdown timer
- 0000362: [Task] Enhance battle results page to show battle messages better
- 0000366: [Task] Add pending requests to home page
- 0000358: [Task] Dont encode HTML spaces on posts
- 0000357: [Task] Dont encode HTML for blog posts
- 0000292: [Request for Enhancement] Show player gold on the tournament ranks box
- 0000297: [Request for Enhancement] Show the XP next to each Pixal on profile
- 0000314: [Request for Enhancement] Add a Get Naked button on pixal setup
- 0000406: [Task] Add "Add fight link" for posts
- 0000413: [Request for Enhancement] Add link to pixal in the sent mails
- 0000231: [Bug Report] Cierre de sesion no guarda lenguaje elegido
- 0000137: [Request for Enhancement] Better stats / achievements
- 0000410: [Request for Enhancement] Achievement Medals shown in players' profil


Aprox. Work Time: 348:00 (335:00+8:00+5:00)
Source Files: 191
LOC: 23795
SLOC-L: 10797
Database Tables: 46

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