Pixal: Days 114, 115, 116

Here goes a quick update on the latest work (haven’t posted work from the last 3 days)

It’s been a mixed bugfixing/UI features work, a release will follow suit!


- 0000438: [Bug Report] Beard dropdown doesnt show on create pixal
- 0000431: [Bug Report] Incorrect composition of pixal images
- 0000328: [Request for Enhancement] Enhance battle record box
- 0000432: [Bug Report] Wrong message when sending gifts
- 0000436: [Bug Report] Accepted friend requests are not being processed correctly
- 0000437: [Bug Report] Accept friend requests on my news page is not working
- 0000423: [Bug Report] Retar: Ido, de ido yehieli Nivel2
- 0000306: [Request for Enhancement] Browse Function
- 0000412: [Bug Report] Wrong links on "wants to befriend" notification
- 0000428: [Bug Report] Rate medals are being assigned to Pixals with too little fights
- 0000429: [Bug Report] Exception, probably caused by session timeout
- 0000294: [Request for Enhancement] Add tip to tutorial (slash)
- 0000359: [Request for Enhancement] Add pixal tips page (slash)
- 0000322: [Request for Enhancement] Add gauntlets/luck and vanity items description to the tutorial
- 0000433: [Exploit] Gifts can be sold for gold with a wicked URL exploit

- 0000430: [Bug Report] Wrong given gift messages?
- 0000424: [Bug Report] Falta incluir la Version 0.0.8 en mantis
- 0000420: [Bug Report] Exception when user is trying to create his main pixal


Aprox. Work Time: 358:00 (348:00+10:00)
Source Files: 193
LOC: 24253
SLOC-L: 10889
Database Tables: 46

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