Expedition: Day 3

Didn’t advance much tonight, but I got stores and music working


Day 3, offshore expedition
Day 3, offshore expedition
Stores are working
Stores are working


Expedition Stats

Aprox. Work Time: 9:00 (7:00+2:00)
Source Files: 28
LOC: 2096
SLOC-L: 1115


Aprox. Work Time: 8:00
Source Files: 58
LOC: 6291
SLOC-L: 3252

2 thoughts on “Expedition: Day 3

  1. This reminds me of the old game 7 Cities of Gold that I used to play on my old Atari. 7COG was one of my favorites, played it for years. Obviously this is not the same, but I like these exploration games, so I am looking forward to this.

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