Expedition: Day 8, version 0.1.1 released!

A new version, with only bugfixes (no new features, seeking to keep up with the 7DRL spirit 🙂

Download at slashie.net


- 0000521: [Task] Add help screen
- 0000520: [Bug Report] Rain arrows is not working. What to press after targetting?
- 0000523: [Bug Report] Trailing spaces caused by libjcsi bug on look and target
- 0000522: [Task] Implement Save Games
- 0000494: [Task] Implement correct latitude and longitude calculation
- 0000519: [Bug Report] Battle results messages are formatted wrong, with a , in the end
- 0000518: [Bug Report] Sea Towns and Cachés
- 0000510: [Task] Check if fights are fair when there is a small number of oponents left
- 0000517: [Bug Report] Dead natives obtained from a won fight exceed their initial setup
- 0000516: [Bug Report] Expedition is eating its wood
- 0000515: [Bug Report] Overworld command must be disabled on inside locations
- 0000514: [Bug Report] Ships on land
- 0000509: [Bug Report] Behavior to leave stores is awkward
- 0000488: [Bug Report] Native groups can walk in the ocean


Aprox. Work Time: 32:00 (26:00+6:00)
Source Files: 47
LOC: 4601
SLOC-L: 2521

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