Expedition: Day 13, version 0.1.4

Important patches, now you can equip your units with the weapons you bought, and sell your stuff on spain.

Download at http://slashie.net

Expedition - 0.1.4
- 0000539: [Task] Remove JavaZoom debug info
- 0000535: [Task] Change ranged weapon mechanics
- 0000536: [Request for Enhancement] Reduce range of native's arrow attacks
- 0000538: [Bug Report] Cache remain visible even when empty.
- 0000537: [Bug Report] Negative pickup capacity
- 0000534: [Task] Expedition carry capacity must be reduced for not including equipped weapons
- 0000504: [Task] Arm Expedition
- 0000533: [Bug Report] MP3 tracks dont loop
- 0000529: [Bug Report] Ships don't seem to require crew to sail
- 0000531: [Bug Report] Troops don't charge a monthly fee
- 0000532: [Task] Restrict foundation of towns to the new world
- 0000530: [Bug Report] When loot was returned to Spain, I couldn't find a way to sell it.


Aprox. Work Time: 42:00 (40:00+2:00)
Source Files: 58
LOC: 5266
SLOC-L: 2910

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