Expedition: Days 14 and 15, version 0.1.5 released!

Thanks to Burzmali for his feedback at slashie.net forums!

Download at http://slashie.net



A full armed expedition, ready to starve on the new world
A full armed expedition, ready to starve on the new world


- 0000552: [Task] Sort units list, widen boxes
- 0000544: [Request for Enhancement] No mention as to why soldiers can't wear armor (slash)
- 0000551: [Task] Allow Units to Wear Armor
- 0000545: [Request for Enhancement] Excessive memory consumption from the start
- 0000546: [Bug Report] Tribes respawning/reviving????
- 0000540: [Bug Report] Game Grinds to a halt
- 0000543: [Bug Report] Negative stock on stores
- 0000542: [Bug Report] Stores carry their inventory over from game to game
- 0000547: [Bug Report] Cachés contents don't stack
- 0000548: [Bug Report] Crash while sailing back to Spain
- 0000550: [Bug Report] Crash while saving the game
- 0000541: [Bug Report] Error when saving and reloading


Aprox. Work Time: 52:00 (42:00+10:00)
Source Files: 59
LOC: 5489
SLOC-L: 3044

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