Pixal: Days 147, 148. Version 0.0.11a Released

Hello all!!!

A new groundbreaking version is now available! You can now browse Ibaran town and buy your own house!

To do so, just visit the castle in the middle of the town and you’ll be granted some aid for your first house. Don’t miss the chance to be one of the first inhabitants of Ibaran 🙂

Some other things have been fixed from version 0.0.11. Have a look!


Get a house in the city of Ibaran
Get a house in the city of Ibaran
Shiny medals
Shiny medals


Pixal - 0.0.11a
- 0000582: [Bug Report] Items are deequiped when trying to wear a item that cant be worn (slash) - resolved.
- 0000585: [Task] Add pixal stats on the setup page, to see how they are affected by the equipment (slash) - resolved.
- 0000594: [Bug Report] Bald and No beard facets non-existant (slash) - resolved.
- 0000592: [Bug Report] Clothing type z-order screwed up (slash) - resolved.
- 0000579: [Bug Report] Construction site max needed workers not being checked correctly (slash) - resolved.
- 0000593: [Bug Report] When there are multiple tool requeriments for a job, not all of them are checked (slash) - resolved.
- 0000581: [Bug Report] Setup Pixal screen, pixal image not being updated (slash) - resolved.
- 0000578: [Task] Disable secutiry check to see non-owned fights (slash) - resolved.
- 0000586: [Bug Report] Exception when clicking "Back to City" link (slash) - resolved.
- 0000589: [Task] Make multi items armor functional (slash) - resolved.
- 0000588: [Bug Report] Problem when acquiring a new item (slash) - resolved.
- 0000015: [Task] Remove all references to Clothing for Item - closed.


Aprox. Work Time: 471:00 (463:00+4:00+4:00)
Source Files: 230
LOC: 29313
SLOC-L: 13547

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