Pixal: Day 161

So, I hit 500 hours of development!

Fixed two bugs and worked onward into something with high gameplay impact: Techs will require action points from now on! So you won’t just always choose your stronger techs but will rather have to decide between that or running out of points to defend yourself.

This also carries on some required changes on the defensive part (no more defensive deck, will be replaced by an autopilot configuration screen, and some additional logic will be added on fights for defender to auto pick their techs)

Onward we go, time to sleep now.


- 0000643: [Bug Report] Steal energy not showing drained damage? - closed.
- 0000646: [Bug Report] Grapple backfired??? (slash) - closed.


Aprox. Work Time: 500:00 (498:00 + 2:00) Yay!

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