Pixal: Days 167 and 168. Versions 0.0.13 and 0.0.13a relased!

Ok, I managed to squish all the bugs, release and then resquish bugs new and old.

I have finally released version 0.0.13 (and its subsequent fix, 0.0.13a). Thank you all for your comments!

This version has one radical change: Using techs now costs AP for both offense and defense… give your thoughts at the forums!

There are also a LOT of bugs fixed, and some important battle enhancements such as critical failures and hits, crushing damage for some weapons and the ability to disarm your enemies, depending on yours and their weapon!


- 0000731: [Bug Report] Weird message for critical hit
- 0000729: [Bug Report] Damage listing wrong (slash)
- 0000727: [Bug Report] Stumbling is not quite clear yet
- 0000719: [Bug Report] Magic Shield is bugged
- 0000726: [Bug Report] Item stores empty (slash)

- 0000692: [Bug Report] Thrust Bug (slash)
- 0000673: [Bug Report] Buffs for Sand, Evade2, Steal Tech and Stun
- 0000671: [Bug Report] Defender object is showing battle affected values on fightoutcome
- 0000670: [Bug Report] Must validate integer parameters
- 0000668: [Bug Report] Pixal stats must not change until battle end
- 0000652: [Bug Report] MySQL Exception on log


Aprox. Work Time: 518:00 (512:00 + 3:00 + 3:00)

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