Pixal: Day 194, v0.0.14b released!

This release goes in the memory of good old friend alenome,
for the old times which I will always remember.
Hoping to have sometime better next year!

Here goes a pretty big release with fixes and some candy too!


New Races and Items
New Races and Items


  • New races: Minotaurs, Lizardmen and Mermen
  • JQuery tooltips added everywhere (Cross-browser and good looking)
  • First version toying around with google adsense and analytics
  • Lots of balancing based on users feedback (Specially ABCGi)
  • Gloves, Cloaks and Boots added
  • Items can now boost pixal stats
  • Tooltips for tech info and rolls info
  • More info shown for all the items


- 0000680: [Task] Add gloves and luck back into the game
- 0000879: [Task] Add google analytics urchin
- 0000878: [Task] Add jquery and jquery tooltip to about page
- 0000876: [Request for Enhancement] Add Minotaurs, Lizardman and Mermen
- 0000877: [Task] Nerf Quickness
- 0000642: [Task] Add boots, gloves and cloaks
- 0000800: [Request for Enhancement] Change steal energy name
- 0000804: [Request for Enhancement] Create off hand items for spell casters
- 0000803: [Request for Enhancement] Add items which add soul
- 0000802: [Request for Enhancement] Make Soul affect magic defense
- 0000704: [Request for Enhancement] Implement magic stat
- 0000464: [Request for Enhancement] tech hints
- 0000452: [Request for Enhancement] Add dexterity to pixals
- 0000874: [Request for Enhancement] Limit penalty points to tournament rank - 1
- 0000873: [Bug Report] Robes (Specially Black Robe) must not replace armor
- 0000872: [Bug Report] Shouldnt spend AP on failed techniques
- 0000838: [Request for Enhancement] Balance stats
- 0000663: [Request for Enhancement] Show tech stats on battle outcome
- 0000867: [Task] Implement JQuery Tooltips for the remaining forms
- 0000864: [Request for Enhancement] Include raised stat on level up message
- 0000862: [Request for Enhancement] Change pixal tired message
- 0000861: [Request for Enhancement] Change colors for bleeding and normal damage, make it different for each fighter
- 0000860: [Request for Enhancement] Magic shield is not clear yet
- 0000859: [Request for Enhancement] Apply game balance changes
- 0000844: [Bug Report] Tooltip issue in Chrome
- 0000865: [Bug Report] Valid Fight check must be done before starting the fight (for tournament pixals)
- 0000863: [Bug Report] Cant update pixal stats on the level up screen
- 0000858: [Bug Report] Quickness did not report whether it worked or not.
- 0000856: [Bug Report] Apply rule number 1 of Strunk and White
- 0000855: [Bug Report] Problem replacing post id on message sent email
- 0000852: [Bug Report] Base AP cost for duels not applying
- 0000847: [Bug Report] Effectivity typo
- 0000846: [Bug Report] Red leather armor with 0 coverage
- 0000848: [Bug Report] Repeated technique check must not be done for "none" tech
- 0000773: [Bug Report] Enhance tech descriptions


Aprox. Work Time: 581:00 (577:00 + 4:00)

2 thoughts on “Pixal: Day 194, v0.0.14b released!

  1. Google Analytics is a website reporting service from google, which gives you a lot of stats of the visitors to your site….

    In order to use it, you include a small javascript snippet, which they call a urchin because it sticks to your website, I guess 🙂

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