SpriteGears: Days 8, 9, 10 and 11

Well, it’s been crazy lately… I hope I will have some time next saturday to wrap up something decent for the compo.
I managed to work a bit during End of Year, which is a feat already.

  • Advanced a lot on the Battle System
  • SpriteGears can now be captured
  • Fixed the MP3 Sound Player
  • Implemented the Star Map Generator
  • Implemented the Zone Map Generator
  • Shield Recovery
  • Setup Assault Group
  • Battle Generator (In the Works)


Capturing a Spritegear
Capturing a Spritegear
Generated Zone
Generated Zone
Generated Starmap
Generated Starmap
Setup Assault Group
Setup Assault Group

Aprox. Work Time: 24:50 (18:45+2:00+1:15+1:50+1:00)

Over the original plan:
Expected: 30:00
Invested: 20:15
Advanced: 29:00

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