A new year has begun

And so, 2009 is gone

It was a pretty busy year for game development… Pixal become my main project, and while I hoped to make a public release before June, and then before the 2nd development birthday, it was not really possible. I still hope to do it before June 2010!

From the old roguelikes, only CastlevaniaRL got a small but important bugfix release.

A 7DRL challenge left us with Expedition, a well received exploration title with a gigantic world and a working engine but which still lacks enough content to be enjoyable. I failed again at setting up an adequate scope for the limited time frame.

I also set up the foundations of Slashware Interactive, hoping for it to become something real next year!

So here go the plans for this year, as for development:

Pixal ( http://pixalnation.net)
The goal is to have a completed version for June

Freeware Roguelikes ( http://slashie.net )
I hope to dedicate July to the games, releasing new small versions of CastlevaniaRL and ZeldaRL

Slashware ( http://slashware.net )
I hope to release some commercial titles teaming up with a great pixel artist.

And that’s it for the goal list, I just hope I can get enough time and willpower to work it out.

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