SpriteGears: Day 7

Ships can turn around now, and a basic computer AI is almost complete (<– takes a lot of time :P)

Ships Turn around, and a savage Enemy AI destroys everything
Ships Turn around, and a savage Enemy AI destroys everything

This is day 7, if this was a 7DRL challenge, I’d be screwed up already, which is a good metric for the upcoming challenge on February 2010 (I managed to get more time up to this point than I thought I would, situation may be similar on february). (I must not let the scope grow again)

This is a description of the combat system, which foundations were proposed by Mr. Jeff Lait (of POWDER fame), feel free to discuss!

Combat System Description

  • One army agains another army of starships
  • Player controls one Army, Computer controls the enemy army. (Maybe hotseat mode in the future)
  • Each ship has a movement range and a firing range.
  • Player can move only one of their ships each turn, then goes the other player.
  • All ships fire automagically each turn as long as their enemies are in their firing range. (So the player only moves them and turns them)
  • Each ship has a shield which is damaged everytime they are hit, if shield goes below zero the ship explodes in thousands of flixels.
  • If the player loses all his ships, he loses

Following are the pending tasks, from the base planning:

  • Add Sample Ship Data
  • Finish Fire Action
  • Simple Enemy AI
  • Sample SpriteGear Data
  • Mock combat scenario generator (with SpriteGear)
  • Capture SpriteGear
  • Mock assault group generator (2 Ships alone + 1 SpriteGear)
  • Starmap generator
  • Create Expedition
  • Expedition generator
  • Sector Generator
  • Setup Assault Group
  • Ship Data
  • SpriteGear Data

I also managed to grow the to-do list with some cool things (courtesy of having left my home keys at the office). Here goes, unordered and crazy

  • Ship rotation
  • Missile and laser fire animation
  • SpriteGearAI, can summon slave ships
  • Add alien factions
  • Fighting over planets and asteroid fields
  • Add recovery to ships
  • SpriteGear capture
  • Tie battlescenario generator to section type and zone difficulty
  • Movement animations
  • Add flavour messages with portraits
  • Add expedition status screen
  • Add energy cost to ship warps
  • Add fancy ship warp animation
  • Add fancy starfield simulation parametrized by zone
  • Add mothership section tile to zone
  • Add friendly space station section tile to zone
  • Buy and sell ships and supplies at friendly space stations
  • Add quest sections, can do quests for energy to warp to other zones
  • Add a tutorial
  • Add pre battle setup (show what’s the enemy, then select a formation) [Stand Fast, Balanced Wedge, Line, Outflank, Inverse Edge] Each formation has an energy cost
  • SpriteGears have special moves which van be triggered via command, or used automatically while on crisis
  • SpriteGear are commonly weak at short range and need to be escorted
  • Show detailed ship data in a square on hover, including faction, model, direction, energy and an image.
  • SpriteGears are cau… [end of notes]

An alien from the Orice sector also pointed out some things to note:

you’ll definitely want some more dynamics later to make it more fun (like positional bonuses, shield ships, different types of ammo/shields, repairing, cloaking, etc

its just hard to tell what is your ship vs an enemy ship

[the cursor] should change or flash or let you know you are in firing range somehow

i would expect you would hit ‘lock target’ and then I would mouse over the enemy – just need to make sure the visual feedback reinforces that

Aprox. Work Time: 18:45 (15:15+3:30)

Over the original plan:
Expected: 14:00
Invested: 14:10
Advanced: 19:00

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