Pixal: A high level roadmap

This is a roadmap of things to come… and I didn’t even include the gigantic list of RFE’s from the mantis repo.

Right now I don’t know what will happen… I feel like there’s so much work to be done, yet I’d like to just step forward, finish the project and dedicate my time to other things… I need a partner in action so that we can build this together!

Versión Capability / Activity Estimated Group Month
0.0.16 Loot items from defeated expeditions 08:00 Assault June 2010
0.0.16 Block defeated expeditions from moving 01:00
0.0.16 Scale HP according to average damage per danger category and desired fight length 02:00
0.0.16 Add safe zones where assault is not allowed 03:00
0.0.16 Allow yelling messages 04:00
0.0.17 Allow multiple expeditions on the same tile and show them in a browser area 03:00 Buildings
0.0.17 Access tournament functionality from arena building 06:00 July 2010
0.0.17 Add inscriptions to owned items and use them for store prices 04:00
0.0.17 Modify store functionality to use trading, implement merchant “semi ai” 08:00
0.0.17 Access store functionality from store building 04:00
0.0.18 Allow claiming and trading land 08:00 Land August 2010
0.0.18 Place signs in the map 03:00
0.0.18 Create simple buildings in the map (houses) 08:00
0.0.18 Allow garrisoning expeditions in buildings 04:00
0.0.19 Allow setting up expedition in defense mode 02:00 Strategy September 2010
0.0.19 Allow requesting passage to a defense expedition 04:00
0.0.19 Block movement by defense zone 03:00
0.0.20 Allow trading with other players 09:00 Trading
0.0.20 Allow setting up stores 09:00 October 2010
0.0.21 Add monster races 06:00 Monsters
0.0.21 Add monster expeditions around valuable resources (test map) 12:00

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