Pixal: Day 241

Phew! At last I implemented Battle Suppressors, so that there can be safe zones where your expeditions are protected from evil players 🙂

The Pillar protects us
The Pillar protects us

The world data model scares me… I wonder how it will work when a big scale world is deployed…

I also feel I’m a bit stranded about the purpose of pixal… going full scale with an extensive world seems overkill! May be I must go to the basics, fighting and stuff… I must really implement item depreciation and reduce the inflation caused by the tournament prizes…

Anyhow, must just add chat to complete what was planned for v0.1.16 and rest for a while… Expedition needs some attention, then CastlevaniaRL 🙂

Aprox. Work Time: 718:30 (716:00 + 2:30)

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