Tales of Expedition: A doomed journey


July 20: We have left the port of Palos in Andalusia, 93 sailors, 50 colonists and 2 carpenters are my expedition looking for a west path into the Indias.

August 15: Strong winds are propelling us into the west, it’s been almost one month since we last saw land.

October 26: We found land! a pretty big landmass of forest is just west of us. I don’t know yet if we must land, we have supplies for about one and a half month. I see no signs of civilization from the distance.

October 26
October 26

November 3: We were finally able to land, after being stranded for almost a week with calm winds near the shores of this land. I took an expedition of 50 colonists and 50 sailors with me and went into exploring this new world.

November 3
November 3

November 8: We returned to the ships after traveling west, then north, and finding nothing of interest. I decided to continue my expedition into the south.

November 16: After a week of expedition through the jungle, we have found a tribe of hunters, they seem uncivilized and have almost no clothing, we tried to trade with them, but they turned out to be hostile! before taking a chance on them with my unarmed expedition, I decided to flee back into the ships.

November 16
November 16

November 19: It seems we have managed to escape from the angry group of natives that were following us into the forest. I continue going west, looking for the ships.

November 24: I reached the coast but there’s no sign of the ships, I must have messed my calculations, which indicate my latitude as 1º N and 827NL away from Spain

November 26: Finally found the ships. I decided to establish a settlement here and go back to Spain to announce my discoveries to the court.

December 2: After about one week of work, we have finished gathering wood and building the foundation of La Hispaniola at Lat 0, and about 835 nautical leagues from Spain on my accounts. I left 50 colonist and 50 sailors here to take care of the settlement.

December 2
December 2

December 3: I had to left most of my expedition food at the settlement, so I had leave all of my remaining sailors and captains into the beaches of this wild world, hoping to achieve a return into Spain with just my two carpenters.

December 12: Just when we were leaving to Spain, heavy storms damage our ships and force us to land into an island some leagues east of Hispaniola. It continues raining and I hope we can leave soon.

December 14: It’s cloudy, but the rain seems to be gone. We can’t wait for a better weather so we have set sail eastward again.

December 18: We had to work in our ships for two days because they are in bad conditions, we hope to survive the sea trip in less than two months.

December 22: Our ships have been heavily damaged again in a storm near land, I can still sea storm clouds in the distance but we can’t afford to stop now

December 23: In spite of my urgency to return, we have to make landfall again, we are trapped by the storms.

December 23
December 23

December 30: Taking a last chance to escape from this land, I headed west into two storm fronts which luckily retreated while we were crossing. We have food for about 2 months but winds seems to be against us in our trip.


February 3: We have struggled against the storms and winds for about one month without noticeable advancement, we spent the last two days fixing what is left of our ships. We are just 20 leagues away from Hispaniola and 815 from Spain on my accounts. With our dwindling supplies, I had to engage with my carpenters and force them into jumping overboard. I will proceed alone, towing away two of my ships. I have about one month to get to Spain

March 19: This is the end, I have no supplies left and storms have almost destroyed my ships, I hope some brave soul leaves Spain in the future and the town of Hispaniola can survive in that wild world. Farewell.

March 19
March 19

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