Expedition: Days 56, 57, 58

Working on:

  • Towns, they are now composed of Buildings, each one costs wood and can host a number of units. You can now transfer equipment from and to towns too.
  • The Alcazar is now cooler
  • A monk will help you play the game
  • You can now forage food from land and fish


  • Finish furnishing the Alcazar
  • Allow extending towns (More buildings)
  • Allow residing on town for some time ?


Expedition - 0.1.8
- 0001191: [Task] Allow fetching equipment back from towns - closed.
- 0001160: [Request for Enhancement] Allow foraging food - closed.
- 0001182: [Bug Report] Can't enter spaces on town names (GFXUI) - closed.
- 0001135: [Request for Enhancement] Europe shouldn't have free wood lying around. - closed.
- 0001118: [Request for Enhancement] Add in-game aid - closed.
- 0001146: [Request for Enhancement] Hint system - closed.

Aprox. Work Time: 187:00 (181:00+3:00+1:00+2:00)

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