Expedition v0.2.2 released!


Now you can buy and use horses (for both increased carry capacity and to ride them). Morale and Luck have been implemented as well as some random events at sea. Enjoy!

Change log:

- 0001257: [Task] Change castle music - closed.
- 0001164: [Request for Enhancement] Professional repair - closed.
- 0001259: [Task] Random Sea Event: Jonah - closed.
- 0001267: [Task] Random Sea Event: Unease - closed.
- 0000498: [Task] Implement expedition morale - closed.
- 0000505: [Task] Add horses - closed.
- 0001256: [Bug Report] Stuck without sailors - closed.
- 0001254: [Bug Report] Takes the same to build a colony with 1 or 10 carpenters - closed.

Aprox. Work Time: 219:00 (211:00+4:00+4:00) Days 65 and 66

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