Happy 3rd Birthday Pixal!

Three years ago I embarked into the task of creating a simple browser based game, having as goal developing yet another facebook module in which you could create characters and buy clothing for them. Only 13 development days after starting, I thought I was close to the first release.

Two years ago the project was heading into a complete different direction, becoming an independent web application deployed in a public site and with a solid development roadmap.

One year ago things looked promising; the inclusion of the pixel artist Denzi along with a lot of work done on the basic functionalities, made me think it was a question of 6 months until I could take all the framework and turn it into something ready to be enjoyed.

Now, after 243 development days, while I haven’t yet managed to make it be what I want it to be and this year’s advancement doesn’t seem as sharp as last year, I managed to design and make the foundations for the “world” facet; now you can create expeditions, travel around a “test” continent, challenge other expeditions and chop woods from the forests.

I involved myself in other projects for about 8 of these 12 months, which proved to be satisfactory.  It’s hard to me to work on something for spans shorter than 6 months. I also recently decided not to let my independent projects take over my life, and that includes Pixal.

The future of pixal is constantly being reshaped; in this fourth development year I plan to redesign many things, to make exploration and interaction be core elements of Pixal and allow people to create their own space in the world and let a community arise.

I also think this will be the last year of this “pre-production” phase, let’s hope I cant live up with this goal 🙂

Slashie at Pixal at its third year
Slashie at Pixal at its third year
Three years of Pixal
The Pixal world browser at the end of 3rd year

Thank you all, everybody who is been here reading the blog posts, submitting feedback and supporting us. This project is for your enjoyment, and I hope we can build something great together!

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