Pixal: Item depreciation

Items now have integrity (max and current), and become damaged when used in combat, gaining modifiers which may eventually make them useless.

This is an important change, meant to make more money flow into the world (by requiring acquiring new weapons and armor)

Max integrity depends on the material and weight of the item. Items are damaged when they are hit or combat (or when they are used, in the case of weapons)


  • Annoying bug: “null” on the link to go back to profile when fighting a pixal outside the world browser
  • Annoying bug: Only use the tech for the “first” attack on each round (if you have a second weapon or you are unarmed, you should not gain the benefits of the tech twice) (this is specially annoying when using skills like quickness)
  • Restore test database into dev (for better QA)
  • Continue with global roadmap: Shops as buildings
  • http://slashware.net/blog/?p=1002

Aprox. Work Time: 245 days, 725:00 (722:00 + 1:00 + 2:00)

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