Ages of Slashware, and the birth of

The First Age of Slashware – In this age, the founder created Slashware as a side project for game development; lots of small projects were developed in this age but none of those managed to see the light. Most of the original “Pixals” project were born in this age, with CastlevaniaRL, Pixal and Expedition being the most heavily worked on.


The Second Age of Slashware – Liberated from the chains of forced labour, the founder charged ahead as a full time game indie dev focusing mostly on Expedition. Sadly, things went not very well… some technical shortcomings marked the fate of the project as a prolonged failure in this age. By the end of the age it was not clear what the future would bring.


The Third Age of Slashware – The age of chaos begun with the incorporation of Slashware, its relocation to an office space and the creation of a Enterprise Software Development portfolio; while this proved to be necessary for its continued existence it also made unclear what the mission of the company was, and in the end brought forth high cost game developments with little return. Neither Pixal not Expedition would be finished in this age, and instead ArcherFire and Virtual Games where created (among many other, small projects). This age also marked the efforts to enter the social and mobile game business.


The Fourth Age of Slashware – As the demand for technology services from local companies grew, and given the unclear future of the game development line, Slashware decided to shut down its game development line and to focus instead on strengthening its portfolio for IT consulting. But the founder, resilient and unwilling to give up all his game development efforts, managed to keep them alive via the initiative; here’s the place where these unfinished game will finally be released, and cool new projects will be made, without the pressure of financial success.

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