Tried to do some relative searching by assigning numbers to some of the kana sprites, then firing the game and trying to spot some amidst the kanji, then tried the relative search (Not much luck)

Examined the ROM a bit using a “simple” hex editor, without table support and using Shift-JIS standard encoding (Havent found an hex editor with table support for mac so far). Found english text for credits (83326) and title (81568). There’s also a ORIGIN at 1044403, probably mixed with japanese around it (might help)

Played around a lot with relsearch, no more interesting results found, probably because the relsearch tools I’m using suck at wildcards (and text is likely to be encoded in 2 bytes)

2 thoughts on “Kurak

  1. I did say that relative search wouldn’t be helpful. Basically, the principles behind relative searching and table files don’t apply. Typically with text, you’d pick characters from anywhere in the font and the numbers used in a table file follow the order of all characters in the font. In Savage Empire SNES, when entering conversation or other stuff it selects a subset of characters from the font: only the ones it’ll need for the various lines of dialogue in that screen. Then those characters are referenced by the order they were selected, not the position they had in the entire font.

  2. I noticed you found the text regions, only they didn’t reference characters in font order but rather in the order they were loaded. Does it make sense to think that there’s a place where the ROM stores what characters to load for each dialogue?

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