DND1 – Debugging and first stab at mobile

Renamed variables
Renamed variables

Spent some time renaming all variables to their real meaning in order to be able to debug it… found some bugs while at it! (from the original :P) thanks again to dejayc and others in the SoTA forums for their work on helping devise together the usages for all variables and weed out critical bugs, special thanks to dejayc for his digested version; this has been quite a community effort!

Now that I know a bit more about the game whose source code we have, my plans have shifted a bit from a verbatim copy retaining all bugs to a slightly corrected version with no critical or obvious bugs (I can’t help but imagine how hard it was to debug a program back then, and this is the first iteration!), then produce an optional tweaked version with better user experience and gameplay balance.

I NEED YOUR HELP! Please test the game and let me know if any issues arise 🙂


Interface with touch soft keyboard
Interface with touch soft keyboard

Also, yesterday I also had my first try at a mobile interface, it works but it’s not optimal for smartphones because of the small onscreen keyboard size. I’m thinking on a more efficient interface if a bit of a departure from the original (I’m almost sure Richard didn’t design this for smartphones with touchscreens back them).

At least this version should be usable on tablet devices.

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