DND1 – Continued renaming/testing/debugging, started working on DND1X

Link to current version

Finished renaming all obscure variable and line number pseudo functions into their real meanings in order to be able to debug properly.

Bringing order into the sourcecode
Bringing order into the sourcecode

Played through and all seems to be “working” ok; I think I’m leaving this version as the “replica” one, the one that seeks to be as faithful as possible to the original, I still value any bug reports you can send me tho!

Magic Missile!
Magic Missile!

…which takes me to the next step, now that I know quite well what’s going on into this ancient piece of BASIC, I’m up to remake it from the ground up in modern well structured JavaScript. I’m calling it DND1X, I’ve already started working on it… it should provide peace into my troubled mind after trying to replicate the original with all it’s woes. The idea with this one is trying to extrapolate the original game into a polished version that someone might even play and enjoy. This one will also have a working dungeon generator.

Clean output at last
Clean output at last

Of course, I’m keeping both codebases apart so people can experience the pain of the original one anytime they want. I should note however that even for the original I made some tweaks in order to make it at least a bit playable, the most noticeable is the change on player hitpoints which were originally an 1D8 for a fighter, to a (3D8)X3 range.

Finally, I thought I’d also link to some other entries into the challenge:

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