DND1/DNDX – Finished at last

Oh my, it’s been quite a LOT of work!

I was frankly running out of motivation to finish this; had it not been for the other challengers and their messages in the forums, I would probably have given up :/

But it is not this day, this day WE FIGHT!

So, there are the finished version for both DND1 (The direct port) and… surprise oh surprise, DNDX, the remake I made from scratch!

Advanced UX
Advanced UX

The changelist from last version would be *huge*, save/load and dungeon generation have been implemented, as well as HUNDREDS of tweaks/bugfixes, not to mention the work on DNDX which was recreating the whole carbonara into modern JS.

Astonishing GFX!
Astonishing GFX!

DNDX is a much enhanced and user friendly version, seeking to make it a bit more enjoyable and playable game. Let me know what you think!

So without further ado, check them out! All bug reports are appreciated, you can send the over @slashie_

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