Ananias 1.5 released (mobile web)

This version packs a lot of fun!

Play online now, mobile friendliest!

Updated android version coming soon.

New things!

  • Huge UI relayout
  • New enemy AIs
    • Guard Items
    • Guard Exit
    • Keep Distance
  • New enemy skills
    • Heal
    • Paralyze
    • Ranged attack
    • Weaken Player
    • Summon Undead
    • Disarm Player
    • Regen
    • Damage Armor/Weapon
    • Steal
    • Warp
    • Entrap
  • Monster Pack generation
  • Pixel font, goodbye Arial!
  • Sequential monster movement
The exit
The exit
Evil Minions
Evil Minions
Starting equipment
Starting equipment

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