4 thoughts on “Ananias 1.8

  1. Been playing Ananias for a while. Love it, love the ability to do a 30min dungeon dive. V1.8, love the new paperdolling. Did my deepest dive yet, got to lvl 15 (how many levels are there?) and got hit by a recursively generating monster bug. See screenshot:


    (if that image didn’t work, here is a link https://dyp.im/AvjP8HvJ4L )

    Lich hiding behind a couple of other monster. Creates another Lich. Next step, both create 2 more, then 4 more, then 8 more… Tried to fight through to the exit but no chance. Is this beatable?

    1. HA HA HA HA!

      That’s a pretty dark situation 🙂 I’ll check into the cloning chances for the Lich and nerf it a bit 🙂

      Did this all happen in one turn?

      The dungeon is 25 levels deep, you are close 🙂

      1. Not all in one turn. Happened over several turns. I had a magic bow & high str but was unable to keep up with the rate of generation. I was hoping that only the first Lich could generate more Liches but no luck…

        Thanks for the nerfing 🙂

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