2014 1st semester wrap up

This is some of what I’ve made on 2014 so far for Slashland


A multiplatform straightforward roguelike (game). Check it out

Debris into the temple ruins
Debris into the temple ruins

Started as my entry for the 7DRL Challenge, successfully made a completely playable game, then went on to continue polishing the user experience, finally jumped into an IndieGoGo campaign to fund its completion. It’s still running but is unlikely to complete. Have had fun doing a roguelike, learned a lot of JavaScript and Phaser.io, put Denzi’s pixal spriteset into real use.

Future: Finish developing the goals stated in the campaign.


A social space shooter. Check it out

Version 0.40

Went on a rampage to remove all unfinished features and turn it into a more fun and balanced game.

Future: Do the final tweaks, reenable payments

Brazil Album

A virtual figures album for mobile browsers. Check it out

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 8.26.48 AM

Went from being a pet project to me trying to market it through social media, mainly facebook. Did Ad integration with appia hoping it would bring some revenue (it didn’t).

No future.


A remake for one of the first computer RPGs. Check it out

Advanced UX
Advanced UX

I participated in the DND1 contest launched by Richard Garriott to port an old game to JavaScript, was fun, still waiting for the results, sprung forward JSTTY. DNDX is my own enhanced, not so high fidelity version.

No future.

JSPWD – MyPassword.co

Generates passwords based on the site and a passphrase. Open Source. Check it out


Small project based on an idea given by a workmate. Has been useful for myself for now.

Future: Adding a simple DB backend to store people’s site list


A fancy javascript display emulator for teletype devices. Open Source. Check it out

Astonishing GFX!
Astonishing GFX!

Made it for my DND1 contest entry but it’s generic, use it to create old fashioned games.

Future: None

Pixal 2

A passive time game, actions take real world time in parallel to all happening in the fantasy world.

Flipped pixal
Flipped pixal

Carry over work from 2013, did a bit work on this on January, didn’t manage to deploy publicly.

Learned quite a bit of JQueryMobile and put some pixal pixelart into use.

Future: I don’t really know…

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