Ananias 1.20 released and it’s awesome!

Lot’s of work went into this one! PLAY ONLINE! Scroll down for details.

New Title Screen
New Title Screen
Healing Pond
Healing Pond
Flipping around
Flipping around
Pet Stats
Pet Stats

Some important news:

  • The campaign has stalled again at 20% with about 1 week left (NOOOO!), help us revitalize it by sharing with your friends and contributing!  This is what we are aiming to, music-wise (check it out, it’s awesome)
  • We are on IndieDB now! vote for Ananias so that more people gets to know about it!
  • Diet Ardee continues his Let’s Play with v1.19, exploring the different types of monster pets.
  • Denzi and I continue working hard on the art and code side.
  • Expect some exciting news on the Music part soon! but we need more funds!

Now for the changes:

New Features:

  • Healing Ponds – Explore the levels and you might find these one time wonders that replenish your hitpoints
  • Stand by command – Order your pet monster to stay where he is
  • Allow passing turn and moving around in safe rooms

User Interface:

  • Flip sprites based on where they face
  • Locate monster sprites slightly offset to give a better impression of depth
  • Add title screen menu
  • Enhanced monster descriptions
  • Show player strength and pet stats
  • Changes on save/restore flow
  • Relocate location intro images
  • Center inspector title and icon and change title color


  • Nerf weapon bonus, Buff weapon malus
  • Nerf healing upgrades
  • Nerf skill point upgrades
  • Change starting level for Jackals and Fairies
  • Fix guard item AI for both enemies and pets
  • Add more bone and ether enemies
  • Make ranged attacks require skill points, make guardians attack ranged enemies
  • Add skill points to archers
  • Buff some early monsters skill points
  • Add entrap to demonspawns


  • Prevent archers from attacking covered by player
  • Prevent warping into other monsters
  • Prevent pets from warping while on defend command

Ananias 1.19 now available on the Play Store

Check it out! Don’t forget to give it a 5 stars rating and a nice review if you want 🙂 We need better rating!

Upgraded from 1.17 to 1.19, thus bringing the following changes:

  • Save and Load games
  • Three new environments
  • Use the Ring of Charman to turn enemies into pet monsters.
  • Monster skill points and command to use special skills
  • Damage bonuses by weapon type vs enemy material
  • Add fake perspective to levels
  • Low hitpoints warning
  • Balancing stuff

Some other things of note

  • Screenshot contest! Send me cool screenshots of you playing the game, I’ll pick the best to use them on the Google Play store page. You can post them as replies to this post.
  • Awesome Let’s play being done by Diet Ardee
  • The funding campaign is running slow at 17%, remember to contribute and share with your friends
  • Talk about the game, in roguetemple or reddit, let’s have more people playing and enjoying!
Android Skeletons
Android Skeletons

Ananias 1.19 released!

Version 1.19 has been released! PLAY ONLINE and CONTRIBUTE TO THE CAMPAIGN!

WARNING: Saved games from previous versions are not supported and will cause funny behavior. Please die :).

New features!

  • Use the Ring of Charman to turn enemies into forever friends!
  • Monster skill points and command to use special skills
  • Damage bonuses by weapon type vs enemy material
  • Monsters effects on other monsters
  • Add fake perspective to levels
  • Change tile colors for better contrast
  • Low hitpoints warning
  • Buff bows!
  • Nerf Draconian Wizard
  • Tooltips for buttons
  • Prompt for fullscreen mode on desktop
Lair is bloody
Lair is bloody
The Charman Ring
The Charman Ring
Satyr as a pet
Satyr as a pet

Ananias 1.18 released!

This version comes with 3 new environments and allows Saving and Loading games! PLAY ONLINE

Support and share the new campaign so we can continue working on this! We need the funds to add new features as well as adding a game over screen and short cutscenes for intro and victory!  Remember, IF YOU PREVIOUSLY CONTRIBUTED, the original campaign failed so we didn’t get your contribution, please contribute to the new one 🙂

Crystal Caves
Crystal Caves
Darkness Abyss
Darkness Abyss
Lair of the Ancients
Lair of the Ancients

Ananias Crowdfunding campaign relaunched!

It’s been a month since we received the last contribution to the campaign; it has definitively stalled and that has prompted us to act.

We have launched a new improved campaign, we took things off and made adjustment so that there could be a new doable scope with reduced funds.

This is the link to the new campaign:, please take a look, contribute and share!

As you may know, the original campaign was fixed funding, which means we have not received any money from the previous contributions. New campaign is flexible funding which will allow us to advance into the development of the game at a greater pace.

We continue working hard to make Ananias a reality!

Thank you, and please share the campaign!

Ananas 1.17 released!

Work continues! PLAY ONLINE, and contribute to THE CAMPAIGN!


Version 1.17

  • Tweaks
    • Prevent the pet from attacking when covered by the player
    • Spend a turn when leaving room
    • Allow walking into doors as a separate action than using the door (Thus allow passing while on a door)
    • Add directional icons to leave rooms
  • Fix Bugs
    • End turn after using items.
    • Prevent inventory window from popup up amidst a turn
    • Center room