Ananias 1.19 now available on the Play Store

Check it out! Don’t forget to give it a 5 stars rating and a nice review if you want 🙂 We need better rating!

Upgraded from 1.17 to 1.19, thus bringing the following changes:

  • Save and Load games
  • Three new environments
  • Use the Ring of Charman to turn enemies into pet monsters.
  • Monster skill points and command to use special skills
  • Damage bonuses by weapon type vs enemy material
  • Add fake perspective to levels
  • Low hitpoints warning
  • Balancing stuff

Some other things of note

  • Screenshot contest! Send me cool screenshots of you playing the game, I’ll pick the best to use them on the Google Play store page. You can post them as replies to this post.
  • Awesome Let’s play being done by Diet Ardee
  • The funding campaign is running slow at 17%, remember to contribute and share with your friends
  • Talk about the game, in roguetemple or reddit, let’s have more people playing and enjoying!
Android Skeletons
Android Skeletons

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